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LASER TREE 10W 20W 30W Optical Power Laser Module for Cutting Engraving Tools

LASER TREE 10W 20W 30W Optical Power Laser Module for Cutting Engraving Tools

LASER TREE 10W 20W 30W Optical Power Laser Module for Cutting Engraving Tools    LASER TREE 10W 20W 30W Optical Power Laser Module for Cutting Engraving Tools
Is a true 30W+ output optical power laser engraving and cutting module. It uses beam compression technology to combine six 5.5W laser diodes into a powerful laser beam with 30W+laser power. 15mm basswood plywood: 180mm/min, one pass.

15mm black acrylic: 35mm/min, one pass. 20mm pine wood: 120mm/min, one pass. 9mm MDF: 300mm/min, 2 passes. Built-in Air Assist & Dual Fan Cooling Design. 1>Built-in air assist to get clean-cut edges, improve cutting performance.

2>Excellent heat dissipation makes the laser module maintain a stable cutting ability and prolong service life. Temperature Display & Alarm Function. Excessive working temperatures can reduce the life time of the laser head at an accelerated rate. LaserTree K30 create a solution with working temperature display, so that you can check the internal temperature of the module easily. When the working temperature of laser module over 55? It will sound an alarm through the buzzer. The working frame can be positioned by red crosshair, it is helpful for improving the convenience of the secondary cutting and engraving as well. 3 times engraving speed compare with 10W laser power module. Easy to clean and replace when the lens is contaminated or dusty. Anti-blue light view window with optical glass material, protective your eye from blue light, no fear of fiames. In order to improve the compatibility to different laser engraver machine, K30 provide a solution by adapter board for electric compatibiliy, and sliding plate with multi holes for installation compatibility. LT-K30 laser module can be installed on Zaitu, Otur, Tw Trees, Sulpful9, Xtool, Aomstack and other models of DIY laser engraving machines.

L power 20W module is the most powerful blue laser head on the market. 4-Beam Compression Technology, built-in 4pcs 5W beam compressed laser diodes. Data reference for one cut of bass plywood, MDF, black acrylic. Materlal: 10mm bass plywood Power: 100% Speed: 3mm/s. Materlal: 8mm black acrylic Power: 100% Speed:50mm/min.

Materlal; 5mm MDF Power: 100% Speed: 3mm/s. It can cut 10mm thick b. Plywood, 8mm thick black acrylic, and even 0.08mm thick stainless steel by just one pass.

With air assist, when pe. Rforming laser cutting jobs, an air assist system blows air through the air nozzle, enhancing the cutting performance and reducing the burn marks. High Precision Engraved Resolution 0.08mm. Widely compatible design, LT-4LDS-V2 laser module can be installed on ZBAIT, Ortu, Two Trs, Sculpf9, Atomsta and other models of DIY laser e. Ower and 10W optical laser power output, this laser module can engrave 304 stainless steel up to 300mm/s and cut through 8mm thick plywood, 15mm pinewood, and 5mm thick dark acrylic in one pass.

Dual compressed spot enables finer laser engraving at 0.080.08mmm. The blue light laser module has been upgraded with a 6mm diameter bending air metal nozzle that reduces air resistance, resulting in faster, deeper, and smoother cutting with fewer burn marks. The magnetically attached laser shield filters 97% of UV. Rays to protect your eyes and those around you. The top of the laser module adds fan protection and an air tube holder 2-in-1 stainless steel piece.

Wide Compatibility with Other Machines? This laser engraver module is compatible with PWM-controlled DIY machines, laser cutter machines, CNC routers, and 3D printer machines. It has a multi-hole position on the back, making it easy to install on different laser cutting and engraving machine stands. The adapter board is compatible with different voltages and pins between the machine and the module.

Ultra-Fine Laser Head with FAC? The diodes Laser module has an original diode with high stability, efficiency, and quality, with a lifetime of 20,000 hours.

The built-in FAC makes the beam size much smaller at focus (0.080.08), resulting in super cutting penetration and precision. The power density increases 45 times, and the engraving speed increases 45 times accordingly. The precision also increases 45 times, allowing you to directly e. Ngrave smooth stainless steel metal and ceramics. Odule KIT package includes 1 Laser module; 1 Driver adapter; 1Eye protection cover; 1Spare protective window glass; 13 Pin input cable; 1 L Wrench; 3Focus fix.

Choose the 12V or 24V module acco. Rding to the DC of your machine driver board. This item is in the category "Business, Office & Industrial\Healthcare, Lab & Dental\Medical/Lab Equipment Attachments & Accessories\Lamps, Bulbs & Laser Components\Laser Modules & Heads".

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  1. Model: LT-80W-AA-PRO-KIT-12V
  2. Output Power: 10W
  3. Brand: LASER TREE

LASER TREE 10W 20W 30W Optical Power Laser Module for Cutting Engraving Tools    LASER TREE 10W 20W 30W Optical Power Laser Module for Cutting Engraving Tools