Cutting Engraving Laser

Controller, CO2 laser engraving cutting CNC type machine controller

Controller, CO2 laser engraving cutting CNC type machine controller
Controller, CO2 laser engraving cutting CNC type machine controller
Controller, CO2 laser engraving cutting CNC type machine controller
Controller, CO2 laser engraving cutting CNC type machine controller
Controller, CO2 laser engraving cutting CNC type machine controller

Controller, CO2 laser engraving cutting CNC type machine controller   Controller, CO2 laser engraving cutting CNC type machine controller

Finally, a Made-in-USA controller and software available to make your CO2 laser machine behave just like those expensive, top-of-the-line laser cutting and engraving machines. The controller is available in two different flavors: (1) With screw-on type connectors for easy connection of wires to the controller.

(2) In a metal enclosure with DB-25 style connectors for OEM type customers who may prefer to build cable type harnesses ahead of time. Below is a short list of features.

For complete details, visit our web site. Direct printing from your favorite application: Microsoft Windows compatible 32 and 64 bit USB and Printer drivers for Win XP, Win 7, and Win 8 operating systems.

(We know of only three other companies that offer similar drivers - Epilog, Universal, and Trotec) What specific applications the LinkMotion driver is tested with? Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint, Microsoft Paint, AutoCAD, Rhino, DolphinCAD, IntelliCAD, TurboCAD, DesignCAD.

What is the job flow? The job is sent directly from the screen of the application to the laser machine. Can a job include different parts such as cut, engrave, text, fills, and bitmap pictures?

Yes, variety of parts can be included in the same job. Thin lines or hairlines will be interpreted as cut lines, thick lines and fills will be processed as engrave (raster) work, and dithered bitmaps will be processed as engrave (raster) work. Are there separate controls and connections on the controller for rotary engraving step motor that may replace X or Y axis for rotary work?

Can there be a starting position of choice? Yes, top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right. Can the laser head be left anywhere on the working area to start the job from that point?

Can the laser machine be configured with or without the Home switches? Does LinkMotion/Agni work with Chinese style CO2 laser tubes and its power supply? Yes and you can use PWM and tickle pulse to control the power level for the job. Does LinkMotion/Agni work with CO2 RF metal tubes? Does LinkMotion/Agni offer PWM (pulse width modulation) for power control?

Yes and it allows the selection of frequency most appropriate for the proper effect on the selected material. Does LinkMotion/Agni offer tickle pulse for better performance of the laser tube? Yes and it allows the selection of frequency and pulse width that are most appropriate for the laser tube. What type of control pads are offered with the LinkMotion/Agni solution? It comes with a soft control pad that shows up right on the screen of the PC. The control pad on the screen corresponds to the numeric keypad on a PC keyboard.

No matter what part of the world the controller is used, PC keyboards are easily and inexpensively available. No need to worry about any downtime due to a failure of a control pad. The control pad is already designed for English and Spanish language as well as for the International symbols.

Are there any options for hard control panels? These numeric keypads are available in both, wired or wireless, types. Again, they are easily available all over the world.

Numeric keypad software apps are also available for iOS and Android operating systems. Mobile phones can be used as Control Pads.

The Agni controller with screw-on type is equipped with I2C protocol to allow development of proprietary control pads. Third parties are already developing such solutions.

How big a job buffer is included in the Agni controller? Comes with a job buffer size of 4 Giga bytes (4,000 mega bytes) Is there a sophisticated solution to control power when the machine slows down to take a sharp turn? LinkMotion/Agni manages power output on cutting applications as a function of speed. When XY speed slows down, the power is backed off proportionally with a user setting for minimum power. The power level will not go below the minimum power setting.

What are the other power control features? LinkMotion allows settings of 10 different RGB colors. Settings for power, speed, and frequency are available for each of the 10 colors.

These settings can be customized for each of the materials. Design a cutting line in the job design program with appropriate color to apply those selected settings. What is the available maximum step rate for each of the axis?

The maximum step rate is 125,000 per second. It also means that the controller will still generate high speeds for the machines using BLDC servo motor and drivers that can accept pulse and direction as inputs. Is there anyway to know the time it will take to complete a job?

As soon as the job is transferred to the Agni controller, job time will be calculated and will be displayed on the LinkMotion control pad. Is the engrave (raster) work done while traversing in both the directions going back and forth?

Yes, this is one of the tricks we play to improve the performance and reduce the time takes to complete the job. Is it possible to define the pulse rate to be different than the dots per inch resolution of a picture? Yes, there are two separate settings, DPI (dots per inch) and PPI (pulses per inch). It is the PPI along with the speed of the engrave work responsible for determining the effective frequency of the operation for the engrave work.

What are the specifications for engrave (raster) work? The LinkMotion/Agni is designed for up to 30 inches per second speed and up to 1,000 dots per inch resolution. What is the highest speed achieved? Our distributor in one of the Asian countries were able to run a laser machine at 45 inches per second and at 600 DPI resolution.

Can a job be checked before starting it? Yes, the job is saved as a G code file on the PC and can be viewed using any editor like Windows NotePad. All the pictures are saved as BMP files and can be viewed in any Paint program. How many BMP files can be included in a single job? Does LinkMotion prevent the laser head from traveling outside the working area of the machine?

Yes, if the machine is equipped with Home switches and if the LinkMotion is configured with the presence of the Home switches. In fact, once the laser machine is homed, it is not possible to jog outside the working area, not possible to nudge the machine outside the working area, and it is not possible to send a job that may require processing outside the working area.

Is the support for this product available for installation and training right here in the USA? The company headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts.

Both the hardware and software are designed and developed right here in the USA. Is the support available in English language?

Also, when a software bug is reported, it is being worked on right away and generally solved within a matter of days, not months, not weeks. What kind of documentation is available? A Support section is set up on the web site. Various documents are available for the using of the LinkMotion, configuring the controller and the control pad, working with different popular applications, connecting are replacing older controllers, tips and tricks, etc.

Visit anytime of the day or night and download any and all documents. The software is sent using internet. Does the solution require any software dongle? There are no dongles required for LinkMotion. The product looks too good to be true. Get a low cost laser machine with or without a controller, install LinkMotion/Agni solution and have the capability of a laser machine that may cost 3 to 5 times more to acquire. The item "Controller, CO2 laser engraving cutting CNC type machine controller" is in sale since Wednesday, May 21, 2014.

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  1. Brand: Solustan
  2. Model: LinkMotion/Agni
  3. MPN: LM700
  4. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  5. USA made CO2 laser controller: LinkMotion/Agni Printer Driver

Controller, CO2 laser engraving cutting CNC type machine controller   Controller, CO2 laser engraving cutting CNC type machine controller