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30W 20W 5W 4W Optical Power Laser Module for Laser Engraver Cutting DIY Tool

30W 20W 5W 4W Optical Power Laser Module for Laser Engraver Cutting DIY Tool

30W 20W 5W 4W Optical Power Laser Module for Laser Engraver Cutting DIY Tool    30W 20W 5W 4W Optical Power Laser Module for Laser Engraver Cutting DIY Tool
The corresponding models are as follows. 4W Optical Power Laser Module: LT-20W-A. 5W Optical Power Laser Module: LT-40W-F23 / LT-40W-AA / LT-40W-A-GOLD. 20W Optical Power Laser Module: LT-4LDS-V2. 30W Optical Power Laser Module: LT-K30. Is a real 30W+ output. Laser module designed for powerful cutting. It uses beam compression technology, built-in 6pcs 5.5W laser diodes. The comprehensive product configuration realizes compatibility with various laser engraving machines. The adapter board is used for electrical compatibility (suitable for Zaitu, Otur, Tw Trees, Sulpful9, Xtool, Aomstack and other models of DIY laser engraving machines). The sliding plate has multiple holes for installation compatibility. Built-in air assist improves cutting performance, and excellent heat dissipation improves product stability and service life. If you need to cut a lot of thick materials and speed up production, the powerful Laser Tree K30 is a good choice. Plywood, Pine board, wood, solid wood, black acrylic, MDF, stone, bamboo, coated glass, Mirror stainless steel, Brushed stainless steel, plastic, leather, aluminum oxide, non-reflective electroplating layer, and lacquered metal, after blackening Utility knife. /purple/white/transparent material and aluminum without oxide layer. K30 is a high power. Optical power laser module, built-in 6pcs 5.5W beam compressed laser diodes. Cut 15mm bass plywood: 180mm/min, 100% power, by one pass Cut 15mm black acrylic: 35mm/min, 100% power, by one pass Cut 30mm pine wood: 120mm/min, 100% power, by one pass. Built-in Air Assist & Dual-Fans Cooling Systerm.

Built-in air assist to get clean-cut edges, improve cutting performance b. Excellent heat dissipation makes the laser module maintain a stable cutting ability and prolong service life. & Red Cross-positioning Light Design. Use in high working temperature will affect the life of the laser module. The buzzer will sound an alarm when the temperature of the laser head is higher than 55?

Easy to Set Focus &. 40mm fixed focus laser module, with fixed focus lever, focusing is more convenient b. Glass eye protection window, It can effectively prevent blue light and fire resistance.

Reset Button: When the buzzer sound an alarm, close by reset button. 0 off and 3-12V on. The optical power 20W module is the most powerful blue laser head on the market.

4-Beam Compressed Technology, built-in 4pcs 5W beam compressed laser diode. It can cut 10mm thick bass/pine plywood, 8mm thick black acrylic, and even 0.08mm thick stainless steel by just one pass. With air assist, when performing laser cutting jobs, an air assist system blows air through the air nozzle, enhancing the cutting performance and reducing the burn marks.

High Precision Engraved Resolution 0.08mm. Material: aluminum alloy + plastic. Input voltage: 24V 2.3A-3.2A. Interface parameters: support TTL signal control power. Focusing method: fixed focus laser.

LT-40W-A-Gold:40W Focal Adjustable Module. 1:High Reliability y20,000hours. 2:High Engraving precision0.08mm.

3:Remarkable Cutting Ability Cutting through 5mm plywood by one pass. 4: High Stainless Steel Engraving Speed30mm/s. Upgraded 23mm Fixed Focus Laser Module? Directly engrave mirror stainless steel: no need painting black.

Super fast engraving speed: 304 stainless steel, up to 800mm/min with 23mm focus length. Remarkable cutting ability: cutting through 4mm thickness plywood by one pass at speed of 80-100mm/min. Our blue laser module with Original diode, high quality, 20,000 hours life time! Beam compressed spot to make the beam size much smaller at focus, power density increase 45 times, the engraving speed increase 45 times accordingly. At same time, the precision increase 45 times also. The solution make high engrave speed and high precision possible. Easy to Use and Remove to Install?

The 40W laser engraving head with metal wind gathering hood, prevent flames from burning. Upgraded Magnetic eye protective cover, easy to remove and install. Control line installation method: pluggable. Suitable for DIY engraving and cutting machine. Plywood, black acrylic, MDF, wood, paper, leather, bamboo, plastic, rubber, alumina, stainless steel, etc.

(Unable to engrave: blue/purple/white/transparent material, aluminum without oxide layer). Optical power is 5W (±1W), electrical power is 12V (1.5A-2A). It can cut through 4mm plywood by one pass, the speed is 190mm/min, 100% power.

High precision engraving resolution 0.08mm. With air assist, when performing laser cutting operations, the air assist system blows air through the air nozzle to remove dust and debris to improve cutting performance and reduce burn marks, and can also prevent the dust and debris generated during the cutting process from contaminating the optical lens and lens surface, thereby increasing the service life of the lens. LT-20W-A:20W Focal Adjustable Module. 1:High Reliability y1,000hours. 2:High Engraving precision0.1mm.

30W 20W 5W 4W Optical Power Laser Module for Laser Engraver Cutting DIY Tool    30W 20W 5W 4W Optical Power Laser Module for Laser Engraver Cutting DIY Tool